Mike Tyson’s lavish 30s birthday party

Mike Tysons lavish 30s birthday party  - Mike Tyson's lavish 30s birthday party

Mike Tyson, 30 at the height of Heavy Boxing, had a lavish party, debauchery and the most popular in the sports world at that time.

June 30, 1966, Mike Tyson – The youngest heavyweight boxing champion in history, the madman on the ring in the 80’s was born. And also from here, the world witnessed a star in the most talented form in the history of the sports world.

Celebrating 54-year-old birthday while practicing to prepare to return, the audience no longer saw an overweight Mike Tyson appearing at sporting events as an attention-grabbing face.

Instead, the legendary Boxing once adopted diets, used stem cell therapy and spent hours every day regaining form. Not only that, the former champion is also very successful with his business and rebuilds his own image.

Compared to the peak of his career, it is clear that the money that Mike Tyson earns in the present is far from the past. However, everyone can realize that he is having a much more peaceful time than his rebellious life before.

In 1996, after being released from prison and reclaiming the WBC belt after only 3 matches, the idea that Mike Tyson had somehow learned to be more humble and self-contained. However, the legendary puncher admitted: “I got my championship belt back (WBC), and that great feeling crushed all my humility”.

In his autobiography “The Naked Truth,” Mike Tyson reveals the craziest 30th birthday party he has ever held, with details that might shock everyone who hears it.

Mike Tysons lavish 30s birthday party  - Mike Tyson's lavish 30s birthday party

It was 10 weeks before Mike Tyson entered the WBA title match with Bruce Seldon. Despite a match with the goal of being one of the most important belts in Boxing village, Mike still decided to play well instead of starting to practice.

At his 52-bedroom mansion, Mike Tyson arranged the birthday party as a Hollywood movie event. The WBC champion then decided to invite the most famous faces, including billionaire – financial manager who was later US President Donald Trump, rapper Jay-Z, actor / MC Oprah Winfrey all both were invited by Mike from all over the country and arranged a hotel close to home for easy commute.

All the luxury and playful blood of Mike Tyson was shown in that 30-year-old birthday party. Luckily for Mike Tyson, his immediate match against Bruce Seldon went well despite not taking the time to practice. Mike quickly defeated Seldon after 1 minute 49 seconds of the first half to get the prestigious WBA belt.

However, the 30th birthday party is probably also Mike Tyson’s last fun on the top. Before Mike met consecutive failures with Evander Holyfield and a series of scandals leading to the 2003 bankruptcy declaration of the American legend.