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Mud Rocker is a blog that’s fully dedicated to sharing posts about Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA and other kinds of wrestling that fans of fighting love to watch and follow.

Hi, my name is Brian K. Wiggins and I am a food technologist with a 2nd Dan in aikido. Although I am currently too busy to keep practicing martial arts, I am passionate about it still and enjoy following the MMA events all over the world.

My closest friends and I have a tradition to watch important fights together and we make a big deal out of it, making it almost a party every time we set it all up to watch an event.

My friends and I are always arguing and debating about the fighter’s skills and techniques and can go on for quite some time digging deep into the details of every fight and move.

I had the idea to put together a blog where each of us got a chance to express their points of view and ideas regarding MMA. My friends also like other kinds of wrestling and they wanted to include it in the blog, which sounded great to me and just like that, we became a team that put Mud Rocker together.